We teach regular classes at our sister studio, Atlanta Belly Dance the Little 5 Points Studio at 1394 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307. (See current schedule, then check at which location this course is taught. 

There are two main types of classes:

Drop In Classes

Every Wednesday 7-8pm: "Wild Wahine'" Polynesian Dance Fitness Class $15/class, or buy the 10x class card for only $99
Join anytime, no long term commitment. Cost gets lower with membership or punchcards. In this fun class you will learn moves from different island nations & then drill them, getting an amazing cardio workout. We will learn moves and use music from Hawaii, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, and New Zealand, just to name a few of the diverse and breathtaking dance cultures of Polynesia. Come and dance with us & fill your mind, body and heart w/ the music & dance of the islands! 

Choreography courses 

These are typically 5 week courses, they meet once a week for one hour (i.e. Thursdays 8-9pm for 5 Thursdays starting on xyz date.)
These courses teach you first the technique/moves that are used for this dance in weeks 1-3, and in weeks 4-5 the moves that you learned are put together to form a simple dance to one particular song.

Typically, Hawaiian style Hula dances are slower and graceful, while Tahitian dances are faster and more energetic. 


Workshops are typically one day events and last anywhere from 2-4 hours. The cost varies.