ServicesWhat We Can Do for Your Event

Our Core Service

We provide dancers for family friendly entertainment.

What We Can Do For Your Event

We can customize our services, but here some ideas from past events:

  • We can hand out Leis and welcome Guests
  • We can perform for your guests. A typical show is 6 songs long and includes a mixture of graceful Hawaiian and energetic Tahitian dances.
  • We can teach your guests how to hula; or we can have a full mini workshop/class.
  • We can get your guests on the dance floor and lead them through dances

You can have anywhere from one to six dancers (or more). We bring the music and a "boombox," or if you have a DJ then we bring our music on a CD/IPod.

Leading A Dance
Instructor Mahtaab on CBS, September 20th, 2010

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are professional entertainers that have operated in Metro Atlanta since 1999. All our dancers are trained by our director Schadia and have substantial performance experience. They were hand selected from our troupes for their pleasant personality and professionalism.


Save Yourself Time and Effort

We customize our entertainment for your event.